adress: Iizuka-shi Honcho 15 – 7
tel: 0948-28-9351
close:Sundays and public holidays
11:00~14:00(Until it is sold out)
Umbrella comes out in front of the shop is open for business
It is a shop offering only daily set meal (600 yen)!
As soon as I arrive at the table, food is coming so I’d recommend it to those who are busy.
A daily menu for the day is written on a small piece of paper stuck at the entrance of the shop at the beginning of the week

Chicken meal on Monday, Pork dish on Thursday, Fish dish on Friday
The material provided by the day of the week is decided!
I try not to suffer the menu even if coming every day for a month ★
As it is limited quantity soon!
Nanato Why! It is! Rice is a substitute and you are free!

☆Popular menu☆Fried food, fish dishes

★Store manager recommended★
It is a shop which is open quietly behind the alley
In addition to the set meal,
Jalan is also opening a coffee shop called Jalan Dua ! (Until 16:30)
Please come once! It is!

It is a cafe where you can relax while watching the garden while in the city center
It is also that the cat wanders around …

About 25 people can sit in the store
There are counters, table seats!

One week menu example※Click to enlarge