adress: Iizuka-shi Higashitokumae 20-30
tel: 080-6643-9237
close: Monday

The noodles are medium thick noodle and tasty!

☆Most Popular☆Tsukemen (Seasoned egg, All the shoes)
★ Recommended way to eat ★
After eating tsukemen, put white rice (100 yen) on who I am attached
Adjust with delicious soup and eat!
Soup spirit! You can also wasabi wasabi! It is!

I’m most concerned about the taste as “concept of delicious what you eat”
So, whichever you eat is delicious!

There are 11 seats in the store
All are counters

Personally I love the dry side of oil!
I also like Kyushu soy sauce ramen!

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