Tomi Sushi

adress: Iizuka-shi Honmachi16-32
tel: 0948-22-3075
close: Wednesday
open: 11:30~13:30/17:00~23:00

It is a small sushi shop in the town that Mr. Oshima makes

☆Most Popular☆Top lunch(1300 yen)

★ Recommended ★ Karaage, Special Mackerel Sushi

Take away from take away is also OK ☆
Special Mackerel Sushi is a pressed sushi filled with leaves, leeks and wasabi!
There is a private room that you can rest assuredly even with small children!
Janken Please come over!

There are 40 seats in the store.
There is a table and a table with a table closest to bow.

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