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I choose a pub for you

To you in your 20s female …
Iza-Cafe Dining Droplets of the moon

adress:          Iizuka Shiomiya Town 1-14

tel: 0948-25-8803
close: Every Thursday
open: 18:00~27:00
Number of people that can be accommodated: 38 people * Available for over 20 people

Commitment: Antique atmosphere not in Iizuka
☆ Times parking discount ticket gift for over 2000 yen☆

Strong menu
Maiden M 4 pieces 580 yen (excluding tax) L 6 pieces 780 yen (excluding tax)
It is fashionable to Iizuka but reasonable shop! Is it?
You can enjoy a calm atmosphere not only at the date, girls' and second party, 
but also at the first party.
There are 8 courses from 4000 yen(Appetizer · Classic salad · Karaage · Octopus carpaccio ·
Soy sauce omelette · Tanga pot · Champan · sweets · all you can drink)
To you in your 30s woman …
Rico Grill

adress:          Iizuka-shi Iizuka 11-24

tel: 0948-23-1323
close: Every Wednesday
open: 11:30~14:00 17:00~25:00(os.24:30)
Maximum capacity is 120 people

Strong menu
Tataki of Akasaki beef 1200 yen (tax not included)
Hirado direct sashimi 3 types of sashimi Heavy 900 yen (excluding tax) 5 kinds of set 1500 yen (tax not included)
It is a very fashionable shop! Recommended Akasaki beef tataki is exquisite!
Please go to the shop by all means!
Course from 4 to 6 to 7 items (including dessert) 2000 yen ~ 3000 yen 
+ all you can drink 1000 yen / 1 hour
※ 1280 yen / 1 hour when ordering separately
To you in your forties …
Dining Bar WWW -double-

adress:          Iizuka-shi Honcho 7-28 Zoom Building 1F

tel: 0948-22-7115
close: Every Tuesday
open: (Fri Sat)18:00~26:00(os.25:00) (Mon Wen Thu Sun)18:00~25:00(os.24:00)
Number of people that can be accommodated: 40 people * Available for over 25 people

Commitment:Make an atmosphere to please women

Strong menu
Bagna Cowder 800 Yen (excluding tax)
There are two kinds of course dishes, "Italian" and "Pot", of which 2500 yen, 3000 yen
, 3500 yen
You can choose according to your budget!
Courses are Italian and creative dishes 8 items
 (appetizer · raw ham Caesar salad · bagnacauda · shrimp dish 
· rice · pasta · pasta ·Pizza · dessert) 
Total 6 kinds of course meal at 2500 yen 
To you of women over 50 years …

adress:          10 - 8 Yoshihara machi, Iizuka city

tel: 0948-26-0087
close: EveryMonday
open: Tue~Sat 20:00~27:00 Sun 18:00~24:00
Number of people that can be accommodated: 30 to 35 people * Available for over 25 people
It is a very fashionable shop and it has plenty of kinds of beer
, cocktail and wine!
We recommend not only the group but also the lover!
Course can be prepared from 4000 yen with an all-you-can-drink (90 minutes) ☆
For men in their twenties, …

adress:          Iizuka-shi Honcho 5-18 Watanabe Building 1F

tel: 0948-25-5500
close: EveryMonday
open: 17:30~23:30(os.23:00)
Number of people that can be accommodated: 50 people

Strong menu
Gun bath ahijyo (boiled prawn with garlic oil) ¥ 750 (excluding tax)
Deep fried crunch of fried eggs 680 yen (tax not included)
We stick to handmade from 1 such as pasta and pizza.
Anything in Japanese / Western / Chinese is OK!
All-you-can-drink 2 hours course 3500 yen (tax included) 
※ All-you-can-drink course starts from 5 people
(If you are crispy this tofu salad · garlic toast · skewered 
· fried chicken · mochi cheese or dessert
 Noodles at the end of a pot with a pot you have)
For men in their 30s …

adress:          Iizuka-shi Iizuka 11-8

tel: 0948-24-0645
close: EveryMonday
open: 17:00~24:00
Number of people that can be accommodated: (1st floor) 48 people (2nd floor) 60 people * 2 or more floors can be reserved for over 15 people
☆Take-out possibility (take-back reception until 23:00 on Sunday until 22:00)☆

Strong menu
Grilled chicken
Recommended for those who want to eat spicy dishes!
 Please try going by the large number of people!

For men in their 40s …

adress:          Iizuka-shi Iizuka 11-4

tel: 0948-22-0875
close: EverySunday
open: 18:00~24:30(os.24:00)
Number of people that can be accommodated: 30 people

Strong menu
Plum wine and attentive plum wine
It is a chicken specialty yakitori shop!
There are abundant kinds of liquors and lebanly grill is superb!
Courses such as water cooking are available from 2000 yen! 
You can also drink all you can drink.
For you over 50 men …

adress:          Iizuka-shi Honmachi 8 - 7 Kanagawa Building 1F

tel: 0948-21-0197
close: EverySunday
open: 11:00~14:00 17:00~24:00(os.23:00)
Number of people that can be accommodated: 25 people

Strong menu
Fresh fish
Fried chicken
You can eat cheap and delicious fish for lunch! 
Transform into a fish pub at night!
My recommendation is tempura's platter
We will respond to the price from 3000 yen each sushi course, 
sukabu course and pontoon course.
To you who wish to have a lot of fun with …

adress:          Iizuka-shi Iizuka 3-20 Cosmos Building 1F

tel: 0948-23-7896
close: EverySunday
open: 17:00~26:30(os.25:30)
Number of people that can be accommodated: 50 people * Reserved for over 40 people

Strong menu
Four pots, 15 kinds of seasonal vegetables Japanese style salad, seafood dishes grilled
French bread gratin, chickpeas spicy
It is a show of great recruitment for acclaiming part-time jobs! 
There are some people digging, the kinds of dishes are also very abundant ☆
It is also the first time I started holding a pot with Iizuka for the first time.
You can choose hot pot course, 3 time course 3000 yen with all you can drink 4500 yen
Nabe course which can be selected only on weekdays, 
three-time course (with all you can drink) 3500 yen
However, gold is 3700 yen ※ cooking only 2000 yen
To you who wants to crawl in the same way …

adress:          8 - 35 Yoshihara-cho, Iizuka-shi

tel: 0948-24-0700
close: Irregular holiday
open: 18:00~24:00(os.23:00)
Number of people that can be accommodated: 45 to 50 people

Strong menu
Raw spring roll salad
Prawn lotus root
Raw spring roll salad is delicious! Course dishes are available from 2000 yen ☆

※ It is at the time of the interview in March 2016