Rico Grill

adress: Iizuka-shi Iizuka 11-24
tel: 0948-23-1323
close: Wednesday
open: 11:30~14:00/

It is a fashionable Italian shop located in the city!
Inside is very wide so please do a lot of ☆

☆Popular menu☆
lunch: grilled vegetable curry(980 yen)
dinner: Akasaki beef tataki(1200 yen)

lunch: Pork fried with ginger dinner:winne

There are over 200 kinds of wines all the time by the store manager who is sommelier.
How about delicious wine with this delicious meat again!
We are doing all you can drink wine! It is!

We need up to 120 people! It is!
Please use by all means ★ ★


*☆*Lunch Menu*☆*≪all 980 yen≫
(Onion gratin soup with salad drink)
Please choose from the menu below!
★ Grilled vegetable curry
★ Mushroom and Bacon Pizza
★ Grilled curry
★ Daily alternative pasta
★ Pork fried with ginger (with rice)
· Hot coffee
· Ice Coffee
· Orange · Grapefruit
· Pine
· Apple
· Coke
· Ginger ale
· Glass wine (red · white)
· Glass beer

All 16 types of wine from 390 to 900 yen glasses
All-you-can-drink on 1500 yen per hour ☆