adress: Iizuka-shi Honmachi 8 – 7 Kanagawa Building 1F
tel: 0948-21-0197
close: Sunday
open: 11:00~14:00/
Daily lunch changed by purchasing fish is very profitable ☆

☆Popular menu☆
Grip set meal (1000 yen)
Seafood rice set menu (1200 yen)

★Recommended★Aradaki set menu (800 yen)

There are days when there are no people due to purchasing fish
The store manager himself carries his feet to the market and chooses fish everyday
I am committed to the most fish!

Sashimi set menu (1200 yen)
Everything was delicious! Everything! It is!

There are 25 table counter and table ☆

Daily menu※Click to enlarge
※ Since it changes daily it changes depending on the day